Welcome to Camp Ross Relles, an expansive campsite and meeting locale carved from the woodlands of North-Central California. For every visitor to this 228 prime-acre, multi-purpose haven in the foothills of the Sierra, there will be planted the seed of at least one experience, one memory, that takes the body and soul

Beyond All Boundaries

Whether the members of your youth group normally spend their spare time alone, at rehab, on the streets, parked in front of the video screen, or just daydreaming,

Whether your adult fraternal, religious, business or professional group spends its creative time herding into classrooms, cramming into cubicles, agonizing through boardroom sessions, or just needing a change in setting,

Once they’ve spent comparable time at Camp Ross Relles, their recollections of the event will be splashed by surreal memories of this forested sanctuary, Beyond All Boundaries.